Rug Summit 8

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Rug Summit 8

Rug Summit 8 Event


  Wow!  What a great event put on by Centrum Force by the owners Tom Monaham and Greg Turcotte in Chicago Illinois over the past week.  This format allows rug washers from across the country to meet in the same location and share washing, repairing and business practices to improve everyone’s ability to clean area rugs.  We also were given plant tours of two great Chicago rug washing operations, KA Pridjian and Bushelle.  Both are class acts and recommend anyone in the Chicago area to use them for all your area rug needs. 

   Not too many events allow the free flowing of information on how to clean and run your business that this summit allows.  We even received great presentations on using search engine optimization, removal of bleeding dyes, and how to handle a tragic loss in your business especially if a key member of your organization suddenly passes away. We also were educated how important blogging was.   Many good ideas were passed amongst the members and many I have taken back to our operation to improve the overall performance of our plant. 

  We even had demonstrations of dye removal, washing pet urine rugs and hands-on with some of their equipment for dusting and cleaning rugs.  NC Binding provided a great demonstration of their repair tools to add another service to your business and we can say that yes we own some of their equipment and use it daily. 

  All in attendance are dedicated to the professional business of washing rugs and providing each other with assistance and sharing of their experience to make us all better professionals.  Easily I would say the combined experience in rug washing operations would exceed the 1000 year mark when combining all attendees’ years of cleaning.  What better way to make yourself smarter than being around professionals of this caliber.  Thank you Tom and Greg and all who attended and made this event, one to remember and one to implement better business practices too.  We love rugs and we love learning all we can about our craft and pledge to our customers that we will continue to improve ourselves to allow us to provide the best possible cleaning solution for your rugs.  Until Next time Rugman out!