What Type Of Rug Pad Do I Need

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What Type Of Rug Pad Do I Need

What type of Pad Should I Use for my Area Rug?

  We get asked this question all the time because, it is important to have the correct pad to ensure that the rug last a long time and the flooring underneath remains in good shape and protected.  A wool rug needs the pad to protect the fibers as you walk and compress them into the flooring.  The flooring needs the pad to protect its surface from rubbing against the rug and thus causing a sand paper affect which, will lead to an unwanted sanding of your flooring.

 The first question to ask is; what type of flooring is the rug going on?  Each type of flooring will need a different type of pad.

The second question to ask is; what type of rug do you have?  You see there is a difference between handmade rugs and machine made rugs and much of it has to do with the backing.  Handmade rugs will have a soft back just like the front thus less chance of creating a sandpaper affect.  A machine made rug, may or may not have a ruff backing.  Take the nails of your fingers and run across the back of the rug.  If you can hear the scratching of your nails, then you have a ruff back. 

The next question you must ask is; how do I want the padding applied to the rug? Do you want it permanently affixed to the rug for easy moving and cleaning or separate from the rug.  If it is a handmade rug, then you always want it separate from the rug.  If it is machine made, then the decision only affects the price of the padding to be applied.  We prefer on a machine made, to permanently affix the padding for your convenience. 

There are thick pads with gripper material, waffle rubber and felt padding too.  We ask you the above questions to determine your padding needs and what will best fit your rug.  If you are planning on doing this yourself, make sure you always consider the flooring type and rug type to ensure you get the best padding that meets your needs.

Now to choose, we always recommend the non-slip rubber permanently affixed to your machine made rugs as this can be used with any flooring material.  The waffle is not our favorite but can be used on flooring with existing carpet.  The felt can be used on all surfaces too however it will not be slip resistant.  As you can see, there are many choices to be made when choosing your pad.  Just remember we can help you with that decision or at least show you different options.  If you have any questions, please just give us a call and we will be glad to walk you through it.  Until next time, Rugman out!