What Is A Hand Tufted Rug

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What Is A Hand Tufted Rug

What is a Hand Tufted Rug?


  Hand Tufted rugs are made using a loom following a design using wool or other fibers to create an area rug however; a machine is used to tie the knots on the wefts and warps.  On the other hand, making a hand knotted rug, a person individually ties each knot by hand and no machine is used.  They use only something to cut the wool and to help pack it down tight.  Hand Tufted rugs can be mass produced with a computerized pattern whereas hand knotted rugs will vary depending on the master rug weaver and their level of skill. 

  Another characteristic of tufted rugs is, the backing is normally covered by a canvas backing or a non slip rubber backing.  They also use latex in the backing to firm the rug up and make it thicker and stronger to withstand heavy use.  A hand knotted rug, you will always see the design of the rug on the back as there is no backing added to the rug.  The beauty of a hand knotted rug shows through the entire rug.


    Many hand tufted rugs are sold to the consumer as high end rugs and charged accordingly.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some very well made tufted rugs that will cost a pretty penny to buy however, their value will never go up compared to that of a hand knotted rug. I like to compare them to buying a new car; once you have driven off the lot the value drops.

  Not one of a kind rugs that depicts the artist interpretation like, a hand knotted rug will do.

  Latex used to stiffen the back of these rugs may dry rot.  Once they dry rot, the latex becomes a fine powder that falls out of the rug and will leave a pile of what you think is dirt but in reality is the latex.  Once this happens, the entire back of the rug must be replaced and many times, the cost outweighs the value of the rug itself.

  Some are made with other than wool or silk.  This means they could use a lesser fiber and charge you for the real one

  Hand tufted rugs have a large portion of the rug market and many have great décor value for a room.  Many of these types will hold up well to heavy traffic usage due to the latex backing.  Just remember there is a difference between hand tufted and hand knotted and don’t let them tell you different.  But, with all rug purchases, it comes down to what you like and what works well in your home.  Until next time, Joe out..