Why Use A Master Rug Cleaner

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Why Use A Master Rug Cleaner

Why Choose a Master Rug Cleaner for Your Area Rug Cleaning Needs


When the time comes to address the cleaning of your area rug, you must ask yourself the following three questions;

1.  How should it be cleaned?

2. Who should clean it?

3. Why use a Master Rug Cleaner

These three questions will assist you in choosing the correct way of cleaning your area rug especially when that rug is an investment, family heirloom, or work of art that you cherish and have a strong sentimental tie to.  Sometimes it’s just because it matches your décor or you just like it and that is that.

So, let us address question 1, “How should it be cleaned?”; area rugs come from all over the world and have unique characteristics that a trained rug cleaner will know.  For instance, certain dyes, fiber and weaving techniques will tell us much about the rug and how we should clean it.  The untrained cleaner can cause damage to your rug if he/she does not understand this and your rug could bleed dye, loose original shape and damaged fiber.  Don’t worry a Master Rug Cleaner is trained to identify origin of the rug and how to test it for dye bleeding and most of all, how to properly clean it.

Let us look at question 2, “Who should clean it?” This is not as complicated as it sounds.  A Certified Master Rug Cleaner is the best choice for your cleaning.  They will not only make sure the above mention is completed; they will also thoroughly wash the rug and not just a surface clean.  A truck mounted cleaning, in-home cleaning or a do it yourself machine can’t flush the rug enough to achieve clean.  A Master Rug Cleaner will inspect your rug, dust is with a machine to remove the dry particles, clean the rug with a flushing method, dry and groom your rug.  This can’t be completed in the home.  You can’t flush and wash a rug and achieve the best results by a surface clean.  Wool is a natural fiber that naturally repels water and must be totally saturated during the cleaning to meet the requirements. Important to note here is they must have a facility to allow for this type of operation.

Why use a Master Rug Cleaner for all your area rug needs?  Simply put, they understand rugs and dedicate themselves and their business to providing this specialty service.  Good area rugs from around the world are not cheap, can’t be easily replaced and they can last for generations thus, you should only trust the care and upkeep of them to a true professional, a Master Rug Cleaner.

Here at Robin’s Rug Repair, we have two on staff that have trained for years in the art of area rug cleaning and continue to hone their skills on a daily bases.  I happen to be one of them and I enjoy my profession very much and look forward to discussing your area rug needs.  Please feel free to call us anytime we love talking about rugs and learning the story behind them because, every rug has a story and we want to hear yours.  Until next time, Joetherugman out!