Isfahan Area Rugs

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Isfahan Area Rugs

Located in central Iran, this rug is a beautiful example of what this region produces.  If you have a rug similar to this one in the picture, then you may have one from this area.  

Some key features Isfahan rugs have are;

Asymmetrical Knots 

Cotton or silk warps

Wool pile

Floral; center medallion on floral filled field and can also come in a hunting scene or pictorial 

Usually in the 5x7 size of rug

Note: If you have one of these we would love to take a look at it and determine if your area rug is an Isfahan or if it is from another region of the country.

We love rugs and really enjoy seeing your rugs and help tell you the story behind your rugs.  This particualar rug does have silk Warps and the floral pattern too.  If you have one please, don't try washing it yourself because, these rugs can bleed in the red sections especially.  Also protect from direct sun light to avoid fading.