Importance Of Dusting A Rug

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Importance Of Dusting A Rug

Many people wait until they can see visible signs of spots to decide to clean their rugs.  The picture above shows the results from dusting a rug that showed no signs of spots or soiling.  You see, wool rugs are able to hold dust, mold spores and pollens deep within the fibers just like a filter for your home air quality however, at least every two years that filter which is the rug needs to be cleaned by a professional.  

We use a dusting machine that allows us to vibrate all the dry soils deep within the rug and with a steel grate with holes, the dust can fall to the floor and away from the rug.  We always dust every rug no matter what we see visually to ensure, we remove all the dry soils.  By dusting we will receive a clean result during the shampoo portion of the cleaning and we won't be compacting the dry particulates into the bottom of the rug.

You can't do this in the home it must be done in a rug plant.  We have a rug plant and we have a duster to achieve the best cleaning results.  Don't believe the hype from your carpet cleaner that, you can clean a wool rug in the home because, you can't achieve the results we can.  Cleaning in the home will only clean a fraction of the fiber and it will resoil faster.  

Dusting is one step of the cleaning process but, it is as important as the cleaning step because without removal driven by the dusting, you can't fully wash the rug.  We wash rugs everyday, we train and attend constant training to wash rugs because, washing rugs is a speciality only a few have.  Until next time, Rugman Out!