What Is The Difference Between Hand Knotted And Handmade?

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What Is The Difference Between Hand Knotted And Handmade?

What is the Difference Hand Knotted VS Handmade Oriental Rugs


 Many times a store will list a rug as handmade and you think that it is made by someone however, there is a difference.  Hand Made means that yes someone used their hands to make it but, they also used a machine to assist like a tufting gun or a mechanized loom.  Hand Knotted on the other hand means, that they individually tied each and every knot on the rug to create it to include the side cords and fringe. 

Can a handmade rug be more expensive than a hand knotted rug?  Yes, depending on the size of the rug and of course where you buy it.  Price does not determine the value of a rug aftermarket.  Value aftermarket is tied to supply and demand and in the rug world of trading, handmade rugs retain little value.  Hand knotted grows in value as they age and the rarity begins.  Also like a painting, the maker of the rug can raise the value if they become well known and famous.  Handmade do not receive this type of treatment. 

Handmade rugs normally come with some type of backing latex glue to hold the knots to the wefts and warps.  Over time the latex portion becomes brittle caused by drying out to much (Dry Rotting) and soon begins to leak out of the rug on to your floor. In some cases the latex can break and cause a permanent ripple in the rug.  Hand knotted can dry rot too but, if cleaned on a regularly bases they will not have this issue of drying out. 

Hand Knotted rugs will never have a cloth backing unless it is being used as a salt bag but, as a rug it will never have a backing.  In Fact, you should be able to see the front pattern of the rug on the back of it too.  All of your tufted rugs will have the backing however, some handmade rugs by a mechanized loom can have the pattern on the back.  Best advice before you purchase that next rug, give me a call or send me a picture and let me help identify what type of rug it is.  Until next time Rugman Out!