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Area Rug Headboards

Headboard Area Rug


Yes, we have made a few area rugs into headboards.  Headboard rugs really accent the room and can take a family treasure off the floor and create a beautiful piece of artwork. Especially recommended for your Silk rugs and antique rug that you don’t want to walk on anymore but, you want to still enjoy looking at them.   With all of these newer beds that raise and lower, a headboard that is not attached to the frame is needed and why not consider using rugs instead of a standard store bought headboard?

Now we don’t just hang the rug on the wall with a standard nail because, the weight of the rug will pull on the nails and eventually tear the rug.  Using a poll to hold the rug up will cause the wefts and warps to sag and stretch thus, change the shape of the rug and the value of it. Our goal is to hang the rug to create a unique beautiful piece for your room but, not allow the integrity of the rug to be harmed

The best way to hang a rug for a headboard is, using our system of Velcro sewn in between the wefts and warps.  We also use a frame to disperse the weight of the rug and protect the rug fibers.  Using the system allows us to protect the value of the rug over the long term.  With our system we can remove the backing if you decide to change and return the rug to the floor without any changes to the rug.

So next time you want to change your deco in the bedroom, think of a rug and give us a call to help you create your own unique one-of-a-kind headboard.  Until next time, Rugman Out!