Can You Repair A Damaged Side Of An Area Rug?

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Can You Repair A Damaged Side Of An Area Rug?

The short answer to this question is yes we can!  We have technicians on staff to handle your repair needs.  As pictured above we can see that the once damaged side of the rug is now repaired.  If this repair is not completed, eventually it will begin to unravel the entire rug and you will no longer have a family heirloom.  

We know how to reweave areas on a hand knotted rug to restore it and we use the proper wool to ensure it matches and looks as good as new.  We can also repair fringe issues and holes in the middle of the rug caused by moth damage.  One stipulation we have is, we must first wash the rug as part of the repair.  This has two purposes one being, know one wants to work that upclose to dirty rug and two, we want to make sure after the cleaning what the true colors of the rug are so we can match that color.  

By the way we have the ability to dye the wool we use to match exactly to the color of your rug to complete the repair thus ensuring, when we are done the rug looks like nothing ever happen to the rug. The cost for this is really based on the time it takes to complete the repair and varies by each type of rug and type of weave.  Yes we do give free estimates for the service and all you need to do is bring it by for the evaluation.  We can also tell you where your rug was made by country of origin and what type of rug you have.

If you would also like, we can do a written appraisal on your rug for insurance purposes and retail value of the rug in todays market.  We want are your one stop shop for all your area rug needs.  

So if your rug needs a little TLC, bring it on by and let Robin take a look at it.  We love rugs and we love looking at rugs from all over the world.  Until Next Time, Rugman Out!