How Do I Keep My Walk-Off Mats Clean

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How Do I Keep My Walk-Off Mats Clean

Every Winter we are faced with icy sidewalks and the only solution is to salt them to protect from slips and falls.  The salt that doesn't melt tracks into your homes and businesses and leaves a nice white ring of residue.  If this is not treated, it will lead to transfer to your carpets and tiles in your home and businesses and, will lead to shortening the life of your carpets.  You see salt like any dry soil has sharp edges that cut away at the integrity of your fibers in the carpet causing the path to darken and wear faster than against the edges.

Solution: To ensure your carpets in your home and businesses last the amount of time stated upon purchase, you need to clean them by a professional like me.  Walk-Off Mats must be cleaned on a set interval dependent upon the amount of traffic you have coming in and the type of environment you live in.  For instance, if you live where you receive lots of ice and snow, you need to clean more often then if you lived in Florida.  But, even in Florida where sand becomes an issue, you still need to clean them.  

We set up a schedule of cleaning dependent upon the type of traffic you have and the weather conditions.  When you buy a Walk-Off Mat, you can't just throw it down and leave it for ten years and hope it does the job.  It too must be cleaned to allow it to properly do its job. 

This is why we offer Walk Off Matt Service!  Because when used properly they will help maintain your carpets from early wear issues and make the normal cleaning of them much more successful.  We offer free estimates and pick-up and delivery them during your normal hours of operation to allow for a smooth transaction.  For homes, just bring them into rug plant for a proper cleaning especially after the salt and snow season is over.  Until Next Time, Rugman Out!