Why Dust A Rug

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Why Dust A Rug

Why do we dust a rug before cleaning the rug an our plant?  The picture above says it all!  To get the best cleaning results we must first dust the rug using a mechanical machine in our rug cleaning plant to remove the dry soils and the results are, the rug comes out cleaner in the end.  Sure you can run a vac over it but, you can't get the deep down soild resting in the core of the fiber and if they are sand, dirt, or salt when they are wetted out during the cleaning, they could stick to the rug more and not be removed.

Dusting is an important step in the cleaning process and not one you can do on-site in someone's home.  That's reason number 1 for us of not opting for the cleaning in your home.  This holds really true for your thick pile type rugs like, Chinese 90 line rugs, Pakastani and Indian rugs.  Tufted rugs should always be dusted first because the vac action won't penetrate deep enough.

Dusting is one of the many steps we take to properly clean your rug to ensure the best cleaning solution is obtainable in your prized possession.  We have two Certified Master Rug Cleaners on staff that hand wash all your rugs to ensure proper care is maintained through out the process.  

Don't clean a good wool rug in your home or allow it to be cleaned in your driveway, let the expers (us) take them back to our Only one of a kind Metro East Rug Cleaning Plant where, you can be rest assured we are going to make your rug beautiful again.  Until Next Time, Rugman Out!