Picture Taking Of Rugs

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Picture Taking Of Rugs

We receive many request to identify where a rug is from and always and I mean always we need a picture of the rug to help us in the discovery of origin.  There is a right way to send them to us to allow us the ability to ID your rug and a wrong way.  We need certain picture shots to ensure we can use our skills to recognize where your rug is from.  The following are the shots we need and why;

The front overall picture of the rug is very helpful to determine color scheme and pattern design.

A picture of the side cord is just as important as the overall fron picture because, the amount of side cord use and the way it is weaved into the rugs does provide us with very helpful information.

Most importantly, the picture above shows how we need the back of the rug picture to be taken.  We use this to count knots, look at the Wefts and Warfs used in makeing the rug and we also look how the fringe is attached.  The back always tells us more about the rug then does the front.

So, please send me your photos if you want us to ID your rug and show you that every rug has a story and we love to hear about your rug's story. Until next time Rugman Out!