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Need a Chesterfield Missouri Area Rug Repair? 

If you are looking for an Area Rug Repair Specialist in Chesterfield, then look no further than Robins Rug Repair. Robin and her team are experienced and trained to handle all your area rug needs from repair to cleaning and boast the only full service operational in-plant rug repair and cleaning facility in the Chesterfield area.

Chesterfield Rug Repair Examples

Chesterfield Missouri Area Rug Repair For All Rug Origins!

No matter what disrepair and shape your rug is in, or where in Missouri you purchased it, you can count on us to meet and exceed your expectations and the results will not only astound you but save you money on replacement cost. We handle all types of area rugs from machine made to hand knotted to include some of the following; Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Navajo, Karastan, Nepal, Morocco and all your machine hand tufted rugs too. These are just a few of the kinds we can handle.

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Robins Rug Repair Can Handle All Your Chesterfield Area Rug Repair Challenges!

Robins Rug Repair is your one-stop shop for all your Chesterfield Area Rug needs. Robin and her team take pride in being rug repair specialist and offer the following services to bring your rugs back to life.

Fringe Securing Gallery

We are the experts in repairing your area rugs in Chesterfield and its neighboring cities and we offer a full line of services to restore the beauty and the value through proper repair services. Our pricing is determined by the size of the repair and hours needed for completion. Listed below are the services we provide; 

  • Fringe Repair:

    On hand knotted rugs we will reweave from the rug your fringe thus not taking away from the value of your rug.  
  • Fringe Replacement:

    On Machine made rugs, we will replace with a new fringe and recreate the original look of the rug prior to the damage occurring. 
  • Binding:

    On your remnant pieces left over from an install of wall to wall or you pick up a loose piece from a Chesterfield carpet store; we can use a binding with a machine to create a finish edge all around the rug. We have a plethora of colors to choose from to match your rug and add not only beauty but to secure the edging around the rug.
  • Serging:

    Like binding, we can finish the edge of your carpet, the difference is Serging creates a more finish edge that matches the look of a hand knotted rug.  This is a favorite of most Chesterfield customers and is very durable.  
  • Curling:

    On occasion a hand-knotted rug may curl on the edges or down the side due to factors of the construction and needs to be repaired to allow it to lay flat on the surface. We can handle that with different methods following the structure of the rug.
  • Resizing:

    We can make your rug fit your area of need. Both Hand knotted and Machine Made rugs can be resized to fit a room and or to save undamaged areas from further loss.
  • Weaving:

    Yes we have two weavers on staff to reweave hand knotted rugs that are damaged from rips, tears and moth damage. We love to weave and tell you about your rug as we prepare your estimate.
  • Padding:

    We have padding to protect the fibers of your rug and to protect your hard wood finish floors. We also offer adding permanent padding to your remnant pieces for non-skid and cushion. 
  • Washing:

    We have two Certified Master Rug Cleaners to ensure your rugs are dusted, washed, dried and groomed properly. We also can ID your rug to give you a better understanding of where your rug was made.  We believe every Rug has a story and we want to learn about your hand knotted rug.  
  • In-Plant Facility:

    We operate the only fully dedicated Rug Washing Plant in [ciy] and the Metro East with a full service facility to ensure your rugs retain their beauty and value throughout your life time and can become something you will want to pass on to the next generation to cherish as much as you do.

Our Passion For Repairing Chesterfield Missouri Area Rugs

Rugs are our Passion, we love rugs and enjoy learning all about them and we would love to learn about yours. We look forward to hearing from you and your rug.